About Bubup Wilam Aboriginal Child and Family Centre

Our History

Work to establish Bubup Wilam began in 2007, and Bubup Wilam for Early Learning Inc. was incorporated in 2010. We took in our first children at our permanent home in 2012. We have received strong support from the City of Whittlesea, with whom we signed a 50 year lease in 2014.

In a very short space of time the Board of Directors, through their passion and commitment, created and achieved a fantastic facility and program. To maintain the quality of our service will take a concerted effort by both the Board and senior management to maintain funding levels into the future. With our strong philosophy we expect to set the benchmark in the area of Aboriginal early learning. The important partnership agreements that will be negotiated with various agencies will be based on the principles of community control and self-determination.


Our Philosophy

Bubup Wilam is founded on the philosophy of Community Control and self-determination.

Community Control is defined by the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989) as the Aboriginal local Community having control of issues that directly affect their community, meaning that Aboriginal people must determine and control the pace, shape and manner of change and decision making at all levels. This reflects the right of Aboriginal people to self-determination in a meaningful and effective way.

Bubup Wilam, meaning ‘Children’s Place’ in Woi Wurrung language, seeks to underpin and strengthen Community Control in our work with children. We seek to instil and strengthen children’s strong sense of Aboriginal identity and personal self-esteem as their foundation for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing. This equates to children, with the support of their parents and extended family, taking a lead responsibility in owning and developing their play, space, interaction, learning and engagement with others in a confident and supported way. Guided by the teaching staff, we aim to ensure our children at a very early age begin the journey in reaching their full human potential.

Of course the well-being and safety of our children at the centre is our most important priority!

“You gotta have heart. All you need is HEART.”

  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Trust

Staff and Outside services all must come to Bubup with ‘heart’ for this is what we want the children of Bubup Wilam to take forward for the rest of their lives.

More About Bubup Wilam

Bubup Wilam is a children’s place. It is also part of a nation-wide network of Aboriginal Child and Family Centres. These centres were established in recognition of the fact that at the present time, Aboriginal children and families are contending with issues that some other children and families have not been touched by. For example, we work with children whose parents or extended families may have been impacted by policies which separated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families.

See a profile about us on the Australian Institute for Family Studies website.

Where to Find Us

Bubup Wilam Map

 76 Main St, Thomastown VIC 3074

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