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Our Vision

Children who are proud and have a strong Aboriginal identity as their foundation for lifelong learning, health, and wellbeing.

Our Principles and Values

Our HEARTS philosophy is our guide to the ethical way we work. If people come with understanding of the HEARTS principles and follow this in the way they work, then walking in solidarity can be realised.







Our Philosophy

Community Control is defined by the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989) as the Aboriginal local Community having control of issues that directly affect their community, meaning that Aboriginal people must determine and control the pace, shape and manner of change and decision making at all levels. This reflects the right of Aboriginal people to self-determination in a meaningful and effective way.

Bubup Wilam meaning ‘Children’s Place’ in Woi Wurrung language seeks to underpin and strengthen that vision through the service’s philosophy of instilling and strengthening children’s strong sense of Aboriginal identity and personal self-esteem as their foundation for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing. This equates to children, and with the support of their parents and extended family, taking a lead responsibility in owning and maintaining their own identity and developing their play, space, interaction, learning and engagement with others in a confident and supported way. Guided by the teaching staff, we aim to ensure our children at a very early age begin the journey in reaching their full human potential.

Our Purpose

In partnership with families, Bubup Wilam aims to nurture strong, proud, and deadly kids in a culturally rich and supportive educational environment.

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